Tucker Carlson Accused of Spreading Anti-Vax Lies and the Internet is Not Having It

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Tucker Carlson has been known for his out-of-the-box commentary about a lot of current issues in the country. Sometimes you agree with him, sometimes you don’t. He has been heard subtly spreading malicious comments about vaccinations. This is the latest in the series of controversial commentaries from the broadcaster. One time he asked viewers on air “is it necessary to have a vaccine?” and “how effective are these drugs?”. The public could easily reflect similar sentiments. This is especially since such comments have come from a popular TV personality. In the past few days, hilarious memes about Tucker Carlson have circulated online.

A lot of people have commented that these subtle reactions are reckless and may lead to increased vaccine hesitancy in the coming future. The US government is doing all that it can to encourage millions of Americans with vaccine hesitancy to get the shots, immediately. In the middle of the pandemic, these kinds of commentary are not sitting well with a lot of people. A lot of people on the internet are getting angry and have taken to Twitter to spread the #TuckerIsKillingUs hashtag trend which immediately got on top of the charts within hours.

Here are some things people have to say about Tucker Carlson on Twitter:

Video compilation of all his subtle anti-vax statements

People are not liking his subtle anti-vax commentary

Selling lies and getting Americans sick

What really riled us all – he is fully vaccinated

The #TuckerIsKillingUs hashtag got trending real quick

Another broadcaster roasts him

He might have done it for higher ratings

Pray for him for being bold about what?

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