US Government: Facebook Responsible for Vaccine Misinformation Drive

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Newer variants of COVID-19 are getting deadlier and more contagious by the day, and the US government is scrambling on its feet to vaccinate as many people as it can. However, vaccine hesitancy in the US is still at an all-time high. Officials are trying to find the reason behind the number and they are turning to Facebook as the cause. Why? The Biden administration claims that Facebook has failed to censor misinformation about the vaccine on its platform. They also claim that this has lead to hesitancy among citizens. Sure enough, the social media giant bit back on the current administration, saying the vaccine hesitancy has a deeper (and more complicated) cause than we think.

What the Biden administration says:

In the latest news, the current administration asks Facebook to provide data regarding how much Americans are influenced by the vaccine misinformation.

The President, on a rare occasion, has bluntly exclaimed that the social media giant is “killing people” for failing to ban misinformation about the vaccine. The administration also claims that Facebook is allowing false vaccine information to be spread among its users. Multiple personalities and individuals online have reflected the same reaction.

How Facebook reacted:

There are numerous claims, on the other hand, that Facebook actually done more good than we give them credit for. Despite the number of misinformation available on the platform, it is sure that people have learned so much more about the vaccine that helped them to decide to get vaccinated. This includes announcements on vaccine locations, availability, perks, and bonuses. The social media giant also clapped back against the US government saying that they should not be blamed for the latter’s failure to meet its vaccination goals.

How Twitter reacted to this exchange

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