What Would You Name This Baby’s Mixtape?


Twitter always has that hilarious and witty answer for any cover or mixtape challenge. This one’s going to be as cute as it is funny. (Also: parents, this one’s for you.)

Twitter user @MoreandAgain posted this image of one toddler with  whole lot of swag.

And Twitter could help itself from answering the call.

There was a nod to 50 Cent…

… as well as perhaps a double whammy for the grammies a la Queen Bey.

Could she be following in Rihanna’s footsteps?

Kanye West never had a mixtape this good.

Pitbull better watch out! there’s a new badass in town, and she’s…

Somewhere out there, a daycare center is burning, and children are running screaming freedom in the distance.

She got a lot of things to pout about.

The view is clearer on this side of the corner.

Ain’t nobody can hold her down.

if you don’t got them tiddlywinks, she ain’t interested.

She’s gonna keep rising. And rising. And rising…

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