Auctioneer Beats Bring The Heat to The Bidding Floor [Vines]


Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to rumble! The bidding starts now!

Action on the auction house floor on a sought-after item can get really hot and intense, and it’s not just from all the bids flying around. Take the auctioneer, for instance. To be one, you’ve got to have lighting-quick observation skills, presence of mind with the way the bidding runs, and a fast-paced speech power to rattle off the value and build the energy and anticipation in the room.

Now, what happens when you couple that with a sick rap beat? You might be surprised.

Welcome to Auctioneer Beats on Vine.

While auctioneers calling the bids in Stetson hats set to rap beats might be the furthest thing from your mind for a Vine, it actually works surprisingly well.

the awesome thing too about these vines is very little editing has been done on the original bidding footage to fit the rap beat, if any editing has even been done at all. It helps that the beats also have a very current sound. Some go tight and heavy:

And some wouldn’t be out of place from an electropop mix (like this adorable one from Japan.)

Not gonna lie, this one feels like it’s straight out of the ’90s.

This guy can give a run for his money. And that slow beat is so smooth.

Hey, Usher, you might want to check this guy out.

While I do dig this bite-sized rap phenomena going on, I’d think we all have one question that’s weighing heavily on our minds: why’d they gotta wear all those stetsons? Why so huge?

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