Westboro Baptist Church Trolled Via Pokemon GO

Westboro Baptist Chruch has been trolled in the most brilliant of ways, Pokemon GO.

westboro baptist church trolled

Westboro Baptist Church is back in the news, but this time it’s not for their violent hate speech or their other tactics. The Church is actually a gym in Pokemon GO and for those two or three of you that aren’t playing the game I’ll explain why that’s important. “Gyms” in Pokemon GO are places that you battle and claim for your team (my local one is a bank). And if there was ever an important place to claim, it’s this house of horror. A story recently broke that the church was claimed by a user name “PinkNose” with a Clefairy named “LoveIsLove”. More likely than not, this Pokemon GO user is located in the Equality house nearby.

Somehow the fanatic church, that was founded by Fred Phelps found out that Westboro Baptist Church is being trolled by one of the more feminine Pokemon and he sent out this tweet:

The church apparently recruited a Jigglypuff to defend their location. Though I have no idea why they figured that this was a Pokemon more suited to their agenda than a Clefairy. They apparently believe the Clefairy is a sodomite and expect their Jigglypuff to save the day.

I can’t believe this is serious news but in an article released by USAToday this morning, they released the statement: “It was unclear at press time whether a Pokémon battle has ensued between the Clefairy and Jigglypuff.”. And that’s how important this is.

Featured Image: [Flickr/Travis Wise]

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