Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps Dies, Twitter Protests His Life

Fred Phelps Dead

Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps Sr. has passed away. Phelps and his hate group are widely despised for their decision to protest at military funerals and LGBT events. News of the mans death was provided by his son, Tim Phelps.

The 84-year-old “reverend” was alienated by not only outsiders, but also several members of his own family who left his “church.”

The Westboro Baptist Church is widely known for its “Thank God for dead soldiers,” and “Thank God for 9/11” signs. The church is most famous though for its “God Hates Fags” protests.

As earthquakes killed innocent people the church even attacked the dead, blaming the earthquake on the sins of man and revenge brought forth by god.

Following the death of Fred Phelps Twitter users took to the popular social network to protest his life and celebrate his death.

Our favorite tweet goes to Twitter user @TheRonster who wrote:

Even our very own Dusten Carlson managed to get in a jab:


Sure we could respond with silence, a fitting end to a man who we hope will soon be forgotten. However, No…….

[Photo Credit: sebastien.barre]

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