Want To Know When You’ll Die? This Death Day Quiz Has The Internet Spooked

death day
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Ahh, death day, that date when people will die, as opposed to the birthday. Though unlike the latter, people will not find out the day of their death until they… well, they won’t find out at all, brain stops working soon after you die. However, that does not stop it from being the subject of a lot of philosophies, literature, and music. So it is not entirely unheard of to find an app which tells you exactly when you will die.

One website named A Real Me has even taken great lengths to make an app which will calculate when the person using it will die. In fact, it has even garnered quite a lot of buzz lately, mostly from the Japanese internet space. That is because the app will ask you a total of 20 questions, taking into consideration your hereditary diseases, physical activity, and the life expectancies of other countries. At least, that is what the website claimed.

“This test is not a game. It is designed using rigorous data on human life expectancy. Do you want to know how much longer you have to live? Then just answer these questions about your lifestyle,” according to the rough translation in the quiz’s Japanese introduction.

death day
Photo by A Real Me

Though it is quite a fun test and even rewards you with a remaining life timer once you are done so that you can make the most out of your life. Of course, that is assuming that no accident or unpredictable circumstances cause your death earlier. It is worth noting that the app is also just for fun, though there is no stopping you from taking that timer seriously. Perfect timing for Halloween too, this idea of scaring is certainly better than others.

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