Man Weds Dying Fiancée With Leukemia On Her Deathbed

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Happy weddings should certainly not be taken for granted. Some people actually do not have the luxury of having them. One particular couple in China comes to mind where a dying girl with her boyfriend proceeded to marry despite being moments away from her death.

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27-year-old man Yang Feng and a 32-year-old woman Xiao Hui had a tragic wedding day. Hui had been diagnosed with leukemia and her condition became a lot worse on August 10 and her death was already expected. Hence, the two decided that her final memories before being gone should be of their marriage.

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Feng along with his and her fiancée’s families made the preparations and he even brought flowers. A ring was also readied as well as the attire of the bride and the groom, with Feng wearing a tux and since Hui could no longer move, a simple wedding veil was made for her.

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However, before the two could even say their vows and before Hui could even wear the wedding veil, she passed away. Unfortunately, their wedding was not made official as per the technicalities of the tradition. There was no marriage license but Feng put the ring on her Hui’s finger anyway, claiming that they were soulmates regardless.

In the end, Feng achieved what he wanted for Hui, which was for her not to die alone and single. Hui also died holding her wedding bouquet, and despite the failed ceremony, the two were still considered by their relatives to be husband and wife.

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