Want To Help Greece Out? Take a Greek Vacation

greek vacation

No, seriously. Taking a Greek vacation is actually one of the best ways to help their economy out.

We’ve previously covered Athenian street art decrying the country’s economic crisis, and many reports have so far discussed the enormous “NO” vote from Greek citizens on the Eurozone’s demands for austerity measures, sparking another round of negotiations for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the heads of the IMF.

In the mean time, while you plan for your great summer getaway, why not make a vote to do some worldwide good and vacation in Greece? It’s practically a win-win situation for both you and the country.


It’s a Win for You

Despite the economic downturn, Greece’s surf, sun, and fantastic weather are still just as lovely as we’ve always known it to be. The beaches are just as gorgeous,the food is just as wholesome and satisfying, and its archaeological sites are just as spell-binding and steeped in history. And these are things that no economic crisis can ever take away. Plus, the prices have gone significantly lower, something that many back-packers working with a budget will be glad to know.

The locals have also become more welcoming, more hospitable, and even more grateful than ever to tourists and travelers alike. If ever you need help getting around a place, there’ll always be a friendly smile and a helpful hand to greet you wherever you go.

 It’s a Win for Greece

Tourism is liquidity; it means people from other parts of the globe have chosen to spend their money in the country of their choosing. This practically is not just a vote on how its citizen’s live, but is also a very solid way of boosting the country’s economy. Greek citizens understand that; that’s why your vacationing there matters a lot to them.

It’s a good idea to take Euros with you, and some backup of sterling, just to be sure. Credit cards can be quite convenient for many Greek restaurants and establishments, but hard currency is the best way to inject the economy with paper money — something sorely lacking in Greece. Keep your cash safe with you, or put your backup and extras in the hotel safe. Be keen to split the remainder among you and your travel buddies; many travel insurance companies have thought ahead for this and increased the total amount of cash for which you are covered.

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