#VanLife: Bohemian Trend Goes Viral On Social Media


#VanLife might of started out as people wanting to live the simple life, but it quickly turned into a social media trend. You might of noticed the popularity of tiny living or going off the grid. You might also of seen snaps of renovated buses and vans serving as houses on wheels. While this bohemian lifestyle has since become a popular trend, many individuals were embracing this lifestyle long before it was a trending hashtag.


The New Yorker recently reported on the fascinating story of Foster Huntington. Back in 2011, Huntington decided to make a huge lifestyle change. He left his designer job at Ralph Lauren and traded his luxury apartment for a 1987 Volkswagen Syncro.

He spent his days exploring the California coast and chronicling his adventures with his van on Instagram. Most of snapshots featured his van in breataking locations. He paired his posts with hashtags, such as #homeiswhereyouparkit, #livesimply and #vanlife.


This was back when Instagram was in its infancy, but Huntington quickly gained popularity. Now he has more than a million followers and has become a sort of social media celebrity. As one of the first people to make a living as a person that simply shared their life on social media, Huntington explains he simply set out to live a free life and inspire others to do the same.

It is pretty obvious that Huntington has done just that. More than 1.2 million posts have been published on Instagram with the #VanLife.


This incredible trend has uncovered countless stories of people living their life following the road. For some great stories of this individuals embracing this travelling lifestyle, check out this interesting article from The New Yorker.

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