Don’t Instagram This One Travel Item Or Your Vacation Could Be Ruined

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As you get ready to set off for a fun filled vacation, you just have to snap a obligatory Instagram shot. It could be the usual closeup shot of suitcases, drinks at the airport cafe or a selfie. However, there is one shot that could potentially ruin your vacation.

Travel experts warn that it is extremely dangerous to post photos of your boarding pass. In an excitement to brag about where you are headed, you might be tempted to take a photo of your passes to paradise. But, do you realize the sensitive information you are giving to the Internet?

Check out this video from a recent presentation by researcher Karsten Nohl. He shows exactly what could go wrong woth this harmless snapshot. 

Nohl finds a random post off of Instagram using #boardingpass. He scans the barcode from the photo and is able to log into the random person’s travel itinerary.

Imagine if this information got into the wrong hands. Your flights could be changed, diverted or even cancelled. Say bye bye to paradise.

I think next time, I’ll skip the airport selfies for the sake of my vacation’s selfie. Plus, there are plenty other Instagram worthy pictures you can take.

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Author: Meagan Freeman

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