28 Percent Of Nine And Ten Year Olds Use Social Networks In UK

A new study shows that almost one-third (28 percent) of nine and ten-year-olds in the UK use a social network. Even though you have to be at least 13-years-old to use most social networks, that’s clearly not stopping kids.

This statistic is pretty surprising and reveals that many children are lying about their age. The report includes findings from 33 European countries. Furthermore, 59 percent of children ages 11 and 12 are using social networks. This study done by the EU Kids Online project also revealed that 91 percent of UK children use the Internet at school.

Compared to the European average, 63 percent of children go online during school. With Internet more widely available in the classroom and at home, children between the ages of nine and sixteen spend 102 minutes on the Internet, which is 12 more minutes on average than in European countries.

Particularly worrying to parents, more children are getting on the Internet via mobile devices which opens them up to more risks from potential predators.

Despite the large number of kids getting online and using social networks, the UK tops European countries in terms of putting filters on Internet enabled products for children.



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