Instagram For Android Reaches 50 Million Downloads

Instagram, the world’s most popular photo sharing app, has successfully reached 50 million downloads in the Google Play Store. The app finally came to Android in April and was downloaded an average of 250,000 times per day.

Success on Android has helped propel the photo sharing service to impressive numbers. Recently, they surpassed Twitter in terms of daily active mobile users. With Facebook acquiring the company, growth can only increase.

Instagram was released in 2010 and has been downloaded over 80 million times on iOS. Buzz about the app helped the Android counterpart reach wild success. At the current rate of growth, the Android app could surpass the iOS app sometime next year.

Originally, Instagram faced negative feedback from iOS users who hoped it would remain exclusive to them. Since then, that argument has dissolved and Android proved to be a very smart move for Instagram. With the recent update, users can view photos in a fun way with the Photo Maps feature.

When you go to post a photo, you’re given the option to tag a location. When you do, your photo can appear in a map which allows other users to see Instagram photos taken in or around a specific location.


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