Twtrland Makes It Easy To Find New People On Twitter

With hundreds of millions of users and millions of tweets posted every single day, it can sometimes be hard to navigate through the noise and find new people to follow on Twitter. Thankfully, a social analytics tool by the name of Twtrland attempts to make things easier and help you better find people to follow.

Twitter’s recently introduced “Discover” feature is nice, but some users may want a bit more functionality. How Twtrland works is simple: It pulls together all the info it can find on a user and creates a profile. The profile is broken down into several different categories: Top followers, links, replies, photos, check-ins, famous words, and behavior patterns.

You can search for your own profile which yields the same data. While this insight may not be too different from other tools out there, the context is what makes things very interesting.

For example, how many people between this age and that age follow you? How many top Twitter users in the US follow you? You get the idea.

Twtrland remains on the hush-hush when it comes to how they determine top followers or celebrities. After all, it’s a “magic formula.” For the time being, the social analytics tool is completely free to use.

Premium profiles are to be expected, though that’s down the road a bit. And if you’re someone who has a strong dislike of Klout, not to worry. Twtrland has no integration of the sort. You can test out the tool for yourself here.



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