Nintendo Wii Getting First Official YouTube App

Nintendo Wii is set to receive its first official YouTube app, allowing users to access the video site on their gaming consoles at no charge.

The company announced the addition on its YouTube blog on Thursday, saying that the new app is designed specifically for the platform and allows users to watch YouTube on the big screen.

There is no set release date yet, as the company stated it will be available in the United States and two other countries first “in the coming months.”

When it arrives, users will be able to sign into YouTube and watch their subscribed channels, as well as other categories, trending videos, and everything else that YouTube offers. It also has a very convenient search that displays instant results as the user types.

The new app is a vast improvement over how users usually access YouTube with the Nintendo Wii. In order to access the video sharing site, users had to purchase an internet channel on the Wii Shop Channel for $5. They were required to purchase and download a version of Opera, which would then allow the Wii user to access YouTube and the internet.

That access has changed in recent years and the software used to access the internet on a Wii console is now free. With the new app for Nintendo Wii, YouTube has helped to make the gaming console more in line with the offerings of other major gaming consoles, like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox.



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