Twitter Web Notifications Being Tested Inside Browsers

Twitter Web Notifications Test

Twitter notifications may soon find their way into your web browser. The micro-blogging service is currently beta testing the notifications feature. According to Twitter the new feature allows users to “receive notifications in your web browser.”

The Twitter web notifications feature was first spotted by Michel Wester at Websonic. Wester logged into one of his Twitter test accounts where he discovered the “currently-disabled” feature in the accounts settings section. The tab quickly disappeared from his account, but not before he snapped a screenshot.

A similar “pop-up notifications” setting was spotted by Engadget early in the year.

The micro-blogging service has continued to add new and combined features among its desktop and mobile experiences. By allowing in-browser notifications Twitter could keep users on their desktop platform for longer periods of time. The more desktop users the company attracts, the higher revenue it could potentially earn from those users. The Twitter mobile app already offers push notifications that show any Tweets which mention a users name, retweets, favorites, and more.

Twitter desktop users can currently receive email notifications and some real-time alerts for the Safari browse on Mac. Third-party extensions for Chrome and Firefox can also offer a similar experience.

Twitter currently features 241 million users, of which 184 million are mobile.

News of the new feature arrives just one day after Twitter’s new three column design began rolling out.



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