Facebook App Blamed For iPhone Battery Woes, But The Fix Is Easy

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The Facebook app appears to be the cause of some user’s complaints about the iPhone’s seemingly shrinking battery life. Two different developers, working independently and across the world from each other, have come to the same conclusion about the iPhone battery, Facebook is usually the cause of a short battery life.

Scott Loveless is an ex-Apple Genius employee and says that he routinely dealt with battery issues when helping customers. Meanwhile Sebastian Düvel, a German iOS developer, has also been looking into the cause of iPhone’s battery drain. Both of them blame push notifications, auto refresh and the app’s intention to keep a constant connection to Facebook’s servers.

The easy way to fix this problem, says Loveless, is to turn off location services and auto update permissions on the Facebook app. With them turned on, Facebook is constantly communicating with its servers, causing the iPhone’s CPU to draw power and thus take away energy from its relatively small battery. If users turn off push notification and location services, they should see a significant increase in battery life, both developers say.

This isn’t so much a flaw in the program as much as it is a byproduct of Facebook’s services. Facebook needs a constant connection to the internet in order to allow its messaging app to work effectively, without it users will have to manually refresh to be alerted that they received a message, as well as know when someone posted a comment on their cat’s picture.

For people who can live without a constant connection to Facebook, this should be the first action you take before blaming Apple for your iPhone battery woes.

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