Twitter Recommendations: Members Can Display “Follow Suggestions” For New Users

Twitter Recommendations

Twitter hasn’t officially announced it yet but Techcrunch has revealed a new feature called Follow Recommendations which allows users to build a customized list of suggested followers for people who sign up using their profile on Twitter. At this time Twitter users a basic algorithm to suggest followers to new signups.

Twitter Business Development team member Grace Chu Lee first accidentally outed the new feature via a Twitter which he quickly pulled from the site.

In the presentation below the process is shown and is rather simple, users just choose from their friends list who they believe new signups should follow and then add the hashtag #WelcomeToTwitter to the list description. When a new user signs up by following your account they will see the list you created.

It will be interesting to see which suggestions are made by Hollywood’s top talent, politicians and other influential Twitter users, however for the average user the pull of such recommendations probably won’t hold too much weight.

Here’s the Follow Recommendations presentation:

[iframe width=”425″ height=”355″ src=”″]

James Kosur

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