Twitter Mulls Over Video Service [Report]

Twitter Video

Twitter users may soon be able to upload and display videos directly from their own Twitter profiles. The move could also mean removing third-party video hosting options from its own apps as the company did with photo sharing services.

Reported by AllThingsD the rumor speculates that Twitter is already building its own video-hosting technology. If correct videop clips will be uploaded through Twitter’s own apps and hosted directly by Twitter.

Removing company’s such as yFrog and TwitVid from the equation would match Twitter’s public mission to provide a “consistent end-to-end experience for customers.” Twitter is not able to provide customer support if a third-party develop has a glitch in their software, a problem that can lead to confusion among users who expect their videos to display inside of their tweets.

Given the rise of citizen journalism and Twitter’s role in quickly reporting the news the new video service could become especially useful for breaking coverage of events.

An in-house video service could also open up the floodgates for new advertising types. YouTube currently earns billions of dollars from its own in-video advertisements and with Twitters massive user base the company could capitalize on video ads to extend its earnings.

As a news reporter I would personally find great use in uploading videos and then embedding them directly into stories with Twitter’s excellent embedding feature. The virality of such posts could be a huge win for online content producers looking to take advantage of the webs viral nature.

Twitter officials have not yet responded to the rumor.



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