Twitter Investigates Possible ISIS Threat To Co-Founder


The social media giant is taking reports of possible threats very seriously. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey may have been the latest target of terrorist group, ISIS.

NBC News is reporting that Twitter is working with several law enforcement agencies to check out the validity of threats against Dorsey. The alleged threats come after Twitter shut down many ISIS accounts. Buzzfeed originally reported about the situation. According to sources, the original threats were made on Pastebin, a Poland-based anonymous online site usually used by programmers to store and share snippets of computer code. The message was written to Dorsey directly and condemned the social media giant for closing the accounts.

Jack Dorsey ISIS
[Photo credit: AP File]

In a statement Twitter said, “Our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials.”

ISIS has used social media tools as a way to manipulate and convey their message. Many recent hacks have been faulted to the terrorism group.

Dorsey has not personally spoke about the threats. The investigation is still ongoing.

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