Burn Isis Flag Challenge Goes Viral [Video]

It may not have the same celebrity power behind the Ice Bucket Challenge, but the Burn Isis Flag Challenge is making a big impact around the Arab world.

According to the Independent, the #BurnISISFlagChallenge was started by three Lebanese activists. The group posted a video of themselves burning an Isis flag earlier this week. Since then, several videos and images have been posted to the internet.

The caption for one video reads:  “I nominate the whole world to the #BurnISISFlagChallenge. You have 24 hours. GO!!”

The viral hashtag was started shortly after a Lebanese officer was beheaded by Islamic militants.

The goals of the Burn Isis Flag Challenge seems to be to unite the world against ISIS and similar terrorists groups. Unfortunately, that isn’t the message that many received.

NY Mag reports that the ISIS flies the flag of tawhid which includes the Muslim declaration of faith: “There is no God but God, and Muhammed is his messenger.”

This means that in addition to burning the flag of ISIS was “an insult to the religious slogans of the Abrahamic faith and called for the activists to be punished.

Nabil Naqoula, a member of the Change and Reform parliamentary, stood up for the viral protest saying: “The youths who burned the ISIS flag did not mean to insult the Islamic religion. This flag does not represent Islam in the slightest.”

Dan Evon

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