Twitch Gamers Are Flipping Over Bob Ross

Yes, friends; Van Dyke Brown is now a a very real thing to gamers on the site.

Bob Ross, that affable, afroed painter who introduced us to the sheer joy of painting with his half-hour landscapes and wet-on-wet painting techniques, is the new person to watch over on Twitch. They’re so into him, they’ve turned all his episodes into one massive livestream marathon, and the comments —  with accompanying minds blown — just keep coming.


Honestly, we don’t blame them, really. Just watching him work is just as riveting and as magical as the World Cup.

I mean, just check out these comments. The happy little clouds and happy little trees are clearly a thing of beauty in their eyes. Check out that Bob Ross emoji in the chat stream:

1496678987575800103Bob Ross has now become an e-sport of sorts in his own right, and his fans on Twitch alone already number by the thousands — or more specifically, the livestream channel’s fans are now 50,000 viewers strong, with clearly no signs of stopping.

You may be asking, “wait a minute — I thought Twitch as all about watching other people play?” Well, the Bob Ross initiative is actually something pretty close to playing, right? And Twitch together with Adobe recently launched Twitch Creative, which is a brand new program that allows viewers to watch other people prep for cosplay, do crafts, or, well, just paint.


Not on Twitch? No worries — you can join in on the sheer pleasure of watching Bob Ross create his wonders on canvas by simply heading over to his Youtube channel. Personally, I’m looking forward to catching that episode where he paints an entire piece in grayscale to show one of his colorblind viewers that he, too, can enjoy the joy of painting.

And remember, folks: “we don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents”.

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