62% Watch TV And Use Social Networks At The Same Time [Infographic]

Social networks have quickly become a part of our daily lives, and according to a new infographic, we use them quite a bit while watching TV. Confused.com gathered data from Nielsen, Ericcson, The Hollywood Report, and more to see just how much of an impact they have on TV.

When it comes to using a smartphone or tablet while watching TV, 86 percent in the US and 78 percent in the UK simultaneously use their tablet while watching TV. Numbers for using a smartphone are very similar with 88 percent in the US and 80 percent in the UK simultaneously using their smartphone.

About one fourth of all smartphone and tablet users in both countries multitask while watching TV, with 26 percent of tablet owners in the US and 24 percent of smartphone owners in the UK reflecting this.

Considering social networks are a great place to talk about whatever you’re watching and see what others are saying, 62 percent use them while watching TV.

There are four main drivers for those who are wanting to connect with other viewers, wanting to learn more about a show, sharing content about the show, and wanting to further discuss.

Compared to 2011, social media use while watching TV has increased 18 percent. The top categories of the infographic show that what social media users talk about most is comedy at 56 percent, reality TV at 46 percent, sports at 38 percent, and news at 26 percent.

Social networks are also starting to change viewer habits, with 71 percent of people saying that they’ve seen others talk about TV shows, 27 percent who watch live TV so no one spoils anything, and 17 percent have started watching a show because of someone posting about it.



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