Cost Of Trump Towers Prove Trump Can Build A Wall By Himself

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If history has taught us anything, it’s that border walls are too expensive– heck, the longest border wall in existence even doubles as the longest graveyards on Earth. As for Donald Trump’s US-Mexico border wall, its estimated cost is around $5.7 billion to $25 billion.

Hence, it is understandable why some people reject Trump’s proposed border wall for the same expensive reason, halting the wall’s progress, much to Trump’s dismay. However, a collated information about his Trump Towers has made us wonder what his fuss is all about when he could have built the wall using his own riches.

An agency from the UK has recently compiled all the monetary info regarding the official and “unofficial” Trump Towers in existence. They even made a compelling infographic about the cost of Trump’s real-estate empire when they were constructed or proposed:

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According to them, all the completed Trump Towers have a total cost of $4.2+ billion, operating costs are not included, of course. Not enough? Well, there were also some unofficial Trump Towers which were either “never started, cancelled or weren’t even going to be a ‘thing.’” One of those was even planned to be built in Moscow, Russia. Hmm…

For better viewing of the infographic, here’s their website. Anyway, the proposed budget sum of all of those ghost towers adds up to a staggering $3 billion. That means the Trump Towers (both official and cancelled) all add up to more than $7 billion.

Of course, that’s probably not all the real-estate budget money Trump has and there’s plenty of reason to believe that he won’t go broke just for the construction of some Trump Towers. Hence, we can surmise from this Trump Towers data that Trump does indeed, have the money to build his wall and probably does not even need to tap into the state budget.

So, if Trumps wants a wall, he can build it himself. He doesn’t even need taxpayer’s money to build that magic border wall that may not even work. As it stands, Trump probably has billions to spare– it’s probably best to let him waste it instead of letting people who scrape by every day do the hard work.

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