Boy Sells Hot Chocolate To Fund Trump’s Wall, Gets Called ‘Little Hitler’

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Trump has supporters, that much is true. Some supporters will condone anything he does no matter how obtuse it can be. It can be anything, but the most worrying of all is shutting a government down just to get a wall built. Some supporters even donated to a failed fundraiser for it. Heck, one kid even sold hot chocolate to raise money for Trump’s wall.


The incident happened in Texas to a 7-year-old boy whose parents were Republican activists. He goes by the first name Benton. Benton wanted to support Trump’s plan to build a wall, which we all know does not come cheap. Hence, Benton sold cocoa or hot chocolate so he can earn enough money to donate it for the border wall funds:

Benton also admitted that he got motivated to sell hot chocolate for the wall after attending the inauguration and watching the State of the Union address. His hot chocolate stand was then initially set up in his local neighborhood but he eventually moved to a mall. Benton was able to raise around $1,500 in the first two days, but not without some problems.


During his activity, Benton was also wearing a Trump hat– a certified backlash magnet. Of course, this drew negative attention both to him and his chocolate stand, he recalled that “three women in pink hats” made fun of him. The worst part was that some people called him “little Hitler,” according to the kid.

It has only been a few days since Benton began his hot chocolate stand. The kid and his parents do hope to hand in the proceeds to Trump in person, or at the very least, mail it to the president.

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