Top 2012 NFL Draft Picks To Converse With Fans On Google+ Hangouts

Google Plus NFL

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, the NFLs top draft picks will hold Google+ Hangout video chats with fans of their new teams on Thursday night.

The Indianapolis Colts have already confirmed that they will choose Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck on Thursday night and following that decision he will mean with eight fans to talk football. Fans who are not selected to join in the chat (submission period is already closed) will be able to follow along on the Colts’ Google+ page.

In the meantime the Washington Redskins will draft Baylor’s Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III and he will hold a similar Google+ Hangouts meeting while fans can ask for admittance via the teams official Google+ page.

The Google+ Hangout platform makes perfect sense as it rewards some of each teams most loyal fans while still providing a platform for engagement at a later time for other fans who don’t make the very limited cut.

This isn’t the first time Google+ Hangouts have been used by an NFL team, the New York Giants held pre-Super Bowl Hangouts with four players and other professional franchises have since followed suit.

Do you think Google+ Hangouts is a good way for professional sports teams to promote their players on a more personal level?



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