Tootsie Debunks Long-Standing Tootsie Pop Rumor; Your Whole Life Has Been A Lie

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As adults, we usually go through multiple other baptisms in our lives. One of these is knowing the fact that Santa was not real (shhh), or the fact that babies are not delivered by stork couriers and actually need a lot more effort to um, have. Therefore, the baptism of disappointment is what separates us from our pasts as children, regrettably so.

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So prepare to be disappointed once again as one of your favorite candy brands betray you. Tootsie, famous for their Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops has just denied a decades-old rumor for their product. The promise that people who are lucky enough to get a Tootsie Pop whose wrapper is painted with a rare Indian aiming at a star will get a free candy or some kind of prize is now officially not true.

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But of course, one would have thought about this long ago right? Well, to clear things up, Tootsie themselves have stated that they have never honored this rumored promise ever since the Tootsie Pop was first introduced back in 1931. That was also about the same time that the rumors of a free Tootsie Pop or Roll await those who get the said wrapper design started circulating.

Tootsie also admitted that they do not know how exactly the rumors spread or began. Now, to destroy your childhood even more, Tootsie has also claimed that the said wrapper design was also quite common and is nothing special. In fact, the said star is present on 1 in every 4 to 6 Tootsie Pop wrappers. Still, the company believes it to be a sign of good luck, not more candy though. So that’s that, have fun being an adult, courtesy of Tootsie.

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