Celebrate #NationalCandyDay With These Creative Uses For Leftover Halloween Candy!


What better time for #NationalCandyDay than a few days after Halloween? You know, you still have tons of Halloween candy leftover. No? I’m sure you can find somebody that can spare a couple of fun-sized treats.

Of course, you could binge your favorite sweets to celebrate this day. Or, you can get creative. Here at Social News Daily, we love to get creative with our candy. Remember when we made Milky Way vodka and hard candy pie? Well, we have even more clever uses for that extra candy that won’t leave you with a sugar rush.

Candy Corn Cocktails


Love it or hate it, candy corn is a symbol that Fall is here. Celebrate and get mentally prepared for the chaos of the holidays while you sip this unique drink. Start by making candy corn vodka. It is extremely easy, just soak some candy corn in a sealed jar of vodka. After four hours, strain the liquid and voila, candy corn vodka. Chill until needed. To make your cocktail, combine 1/2 cup of vodka with 1/4 of pineapple juice. Cheers!

Skittles Paint

Skittles Paint
[Photo credit: MommaPapaBubba.com]

When you are tired of tasting the rainbow, MamaPapaBubba.com shares a great way to turn them into an art project for the kids (or you, we won’t judge). Sort the candies by color into little cups. Once you have the cups at least half full, fill each cup with cornstarch. Let them sit for a few hours, you will begin to see the color blend into the cornstarch. Once the color has turned the cornstarch pretty vibrant, stir your paint. Then, get busy painting some sugary masterpieces!

Treat The Troops

Of course, you can always celebrate #NationalCandyDay by doing some social good. You can donate your candy to many organizations that will send it overseas to American troops that could use a sweet treat or two. Operation Gratitude’s website has all of the information you will need to show your appreciation to service men and women.

What will you be doing to celebrate #NationalCandyDay? Share your unique candy uses for a chance to be featured! Comment below or tweet us @SocialNewsDaily.


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