These Guys Can Make A Candy Version Of Anything, Even Sushi, Watch Them In Action

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Don’t you just hate it sometimes when your parents or grandparents force you to finish the main course before getting the candy or sweets? Well, now that you are an adult, you don’t need to do that, but to avoid the overbearing feeling of guilt from straying from tradition, we may have found a perfect solution.

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Introducing the Sushi Candy from these guys. No, it’s not actual sushi, but just a sweet made to look like them, complete with an imitation of the seaweed part or ‘Nori’ as the Japanese call it. Hey, maybe you can fool your granny into thinking that it is actual sushi and finally be able to have dessert before the meal.

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Anyway, these small and barely bite-sized goodies which you can consume in mere minutes– or seconds for some people out there, actually take several hours and some elbow grease to prepare. All thanks to the mastery of CandyLabs chefs, watch their Sushi Candy making video below.

Pretty similar to making bread right? Except, the dough will harden quickly and you might mess up the batch if you are not fast enough. What is really impressive is the fact that each and every component of the real sushi is replicated with candy. Hence the amount of time required to make these, almost like the real thing. Their channel is also home to a lot of sweets-making videos. Check out their other flavors too.

The only thing missing in their video is an ASMR tag, there’s something about them that puts the mind at ease. What do you guys think of their sweets? Does it trigger your sweet tooth? Feel free to discuss below.

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