Is Rio Ready For The Olympics?

rio olympics

We’re rapidly approaching the Rio Olympics as the opening ceremony begins on the 5th of August. It seems that before every Olympic Games there are questions about whether the city is ready for the upcoming games. In Beijing there was a lot of speculation about if the pollution in the city would be under control by the Olympics and a lot of similar questions were raised about Rio.

The traffic in Rio is famously terrible and to combat the influx of tourists, the city bumped up their metro and added a new line. But, of course, there were some political snags and the new subway line is set to be complete only a few days before the opening of the games. The political upheaval in the city includes a movement to impeach the current president and a financial crisis.

The Zika scare has mostly calmed down and basically no Olympians have decided to bypass the games because though the Rio Olympics are shaky, they’re still the Olympics and what these athletes have been working toward for their entire life. There are also a lot of stories about entire neighborhoods being demolished and families misplaced to make way for the Olympic Village. Though this is not really a new story, similar situations have happened in many previous games. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how this thing plays out.

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