Michael Phelps Just Made History Again

Michael Phelps has made history again as the first U.S. swimmer in history to qualify for five Olympics.

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Despite his out of the pool shenanigans, Michael Phelps is probably the best athlete of our generation and he’s recently made history again. It was a huge deal a few years ago when Phelps broke Mark Spitz’s Olympic record for the most medals in a single Olympic competition and at that point we had to realize that he was the best swimmer in history. He’s just qualified for his fifth Olympic team, making him the first male swimmer in the history of the games to compete in five competitions.

Phelps came out of North Baltimore Aquatic Club, which is one of the biggest swimming clubs in the world. Maybe even the best. The first time he swam in the Olympics he was a goofy 15-year-old and the youngest swimmer to make the United States Olympic Team in over half a century. His fifth Olympic games cements his status as the epitome of greatness and he is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 Olympic medals. Unfortunately, Michael Phelps is noted more for his antics outside of the arena, he’s gotten two D.U.Is and the picture of him smoking pot a few years ago caused a couple of his sponsors to drop him. And though his rap sheet has a few marks, he’s nothing compared to most the NFL players who are fighting off domestic violence cases every year.

I’ve met him a couple times since we used to train at the same facility in Colorado Springs and though there are stories about him being a real prick, he’s actually a half decent guy when you give him a chance. Though, we did once get in an argument over who got the last bit of pasta. Also, today is his birthday.

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