#NBCFail Hashtag Revived (Again) For Abysmal Olympics Coverage

NBC Olympics coverage

Just in case you don’t own a television, NBC is totally ruining the Olympics right now. Again.

At issue are dramatic tape delays and website issues, while there also exists a dramatic amount of hostility for NBC sportscaster Chris Colinsworth. Folks on Twitter have revived the classic #NBCfail hashtag to express their rage (you’ll remember that #NBCfail was a favorite during the 2012 Olympics).

According to the social analytics site Topsy, the #NBCfail hashtag was used more than 8,000 times on Friday, thanks to the network’s tape-delayed opening ceremony broadcast.

Here’s a sample of the frustration:

Oh yeah, there’s a petition:

If you’re beating your head against the wall while yesterday’s Olympics are playing on your TV, there’s really only one thing you can do:

[Image: kenyee]

Dusten Carlson
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