Time To Be A Vampire: Science Claims Young Blood Can Prevent Diseases

Photo by Smithsonian Magazine

There is no better time to be a vampire than now, a recent study has shown that the blood of young people actually prevents diseases associated with aging. So channel your inner Edward Cullen– sorry, Dracula, I have no idea who that first guy is, probably some wannabe pedophile vampire or something.

Scientists of the University College of London in the U.K. have made quite a bold and bloody claim. Apparently, fresh, young blood is the key to old people maintaining their health and strength. Dame Linda Partridge, geneticist and one of the spearheads of the said research even went as far as to suggest that it can prevent cancer and heart diseases.

Partridge’s and her colleagues’ trials involved mice since their genetic makeup is similar to that of humans. They injected old mice with the blood of young mice and those did not develop any age-related diseases. Adversely, the younger mice injected with old mice blood became ill and did not live very long.

As such, the trials moved on to human patients in the U.S. and was initiated by a San Francisco start-up called Ambrosia, backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. There, 70 patients all aged at least 35 or above were given the blood of volunteers aged 16 to 25. Results indicated improvements in biomarkers for a lot of diseases. Overall a positive effect for old people and their health. However, getting young plasma can prove to be expensive since every two and a half liters cost $8,000. Still, a small price to pay for a taste of immortality– er, youth.

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