These Baboons Probably Have Better Dental Hygiene Than You [WATCH]

Photo by YouTube/NostalgicThemes

One thing that makes creationists firm in their stand that humans were created by someone called G-O-D is their refusal to believe that we descended from primates. Apes, monkeys, and other hairy semi-bipedal mammals. However, sometimes the resemblance can be quite uncanny, and we’re not just talking about politicians acting like animals either. Some baboons in the U.K. have been caught on camera doing a rather “human” activity.

The baboons of Paignton Zoo in the U.K. have been spotted using their own hair, as well as some broom bristles to floss their teeth. Apparently, they are doing it to remove bits of food as well, or they just like the sensation of flossing. Nevertheless, this amazed a lot of experts and tourists alike since that sort of behavior was observed with multiple baboons and not just one.

Apparently, the zoo gave the baboons some brooms expecting them to just play with the objects. To their surprise, the primates started pulling out the bristles and even making threads out of them. They then held them with both hands and began flossing their teeth. Here’s the video of the baboons cleaning their teeth, watch (and learn):

So, as humans, we probably need to step up our dental game. Nearly 37 percent of all human adults have actually never flossed, according to Colgate. Even baboons are more concerned about dental health than those guys. We still have toothbrushes, though, but those are not enough to keep our teeth clean, apparently. So let’s all take cues from baboons and floss our teeth from now on, one step closer to evolution.

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