This Woman’s Reaction To Her Own Arrest For Public Smoking Is Hilarious

The rules seem pretty simple. No smoking in some public places. It may suck for smokers, but luckily, there are still plenty of places that they can smoke, so it is not like they are being denied the act completely.

Regardless of that simple rule, there are still people who break it and seem to think that is okay. As the woman in this video learned, shoving your burning cigarette in a police officer’s face after he kindly asks you to extinguish it is not the proper reaction.

But her reaction when he throws cuffs on her and drags her away, that is amazing:


She literally looks like the stunned Patrick spongebob meme.

Tickets to game, $150.00

Cost of Jersey: $80.00

Pack of smokes: $10.00

This woman’s reaction?





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