This Man Will Do Anything To Get His Christmas Tree Home [Video]

Christmas Tree
[Photo credit: Mirror UK]

One man found the perfect Christmas tree and he was determined to get it home, even if it meant driving in his convertible in the pouring rain. The hilarious moment was caught on camera by other motorists on the road that couldn’t believe their eyes.

The video shows this poor man who had to drive with his convertible top down to fit the massive Christmas tree he had just bought. With his wife in tow, there was one big problem: an unexpected downpour. The duo was forced to drive all the way home as the rain drenched them and the interior of their car.

Nicholas Dodd was one of the witnesses who filmed the spectacle of the Saab convertible.

“It was hilarious. I was in the passenger seat and we followed him for a while.” Dodd explains. “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. It was crazy- especially with the weather- but I guess he just wanted to het his Christmas tree home anyway he could.”

Christmas Tree
[Photo credit: Mirror UK]

Dodd also shared that him and other motorists on the road found the man’s dreary situation extremely amusing. Now, the people in the convertible weren’t laughing.

“His missus was beside him but they didn’t seem to find it as funny as we did. He was just keeping his head down in a vain attempt to avoid the rain but was getting a real soaking.”

Dodd posted the video to his Facebook account and it quickly received tons of comments making fun of the driver.

“What an idiot – I can’t believe anyone would be so careless,” wrote one Facebook user. “It was a ridiculous sight – but at least he got the soaking he deserved.”

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