Watch This Incredible 95-Foot Christmas Tree Come To Life [Video]

[Photo credit: DMN]

The 95-foot Christmas tree at Dallas’s Galleria mall is known throughout the country. It isn’t just its impressive size that makes it famous, it’s the intricate decorations and the huge amount of labor that goes into its inception every year.

This 95-foot tree is the largest indoor Christmas tree in the nation. Overlooking the mall’s massive iceskating rink, the mall gets tons of questions every year about the tree.

“It’s a question we get asked quite often,” said Martha Hinojosa, Galleria Dallas’ marketing director. She remembers questions such as, “Do they open up the skylight and lower it in?” and, “Where do you find a tree that tall?”

With so much speculation, The Dallas Morning News took an inside look at the intense undertaking of creating the breathtaking sight every year. Check out this amazing time-lapse video.

Soaring 95 feet into the air, the nation’s tallest indoor holiday tree towers above ice skaters at Galleria Dallas each year.With more than 1,500 branches, 450,000 LED lights and 10,000 ornaments, the tree is topped with a 10-foot star.

More than 50 workers dedicate three full days to building the tree. Workers gather to fluff and straighten the massive pre-lit branches, while other works open crates of decorations and build the tree’s skeleton.

“Each branch is like a little 4-foot Christmas tree all its own,” said Kelly Hunter, Shiroma Southwest client services vice president, while watching the progress.

Galleria Christmas Tree
[Photo credit: DMN]

This one-of-a-kind Christmas tree was introduced in 1984 and has since undergone renovations in the many years since. Once thing remains the same, the sense of awe it creates among spectators. The tree performs daily illumination celebrations, where the lights twinkle to timed instrumental music.

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