This Is Edu Monteiro And He Covers His Face With Random Stuff All For Art’s Sake

[Photo credit: Caters News]

One artist is sacrificing his body for his art’s sake. No, we aren’t talking about Shia Labeouf.

Meet Edu Monteiro. The 43-year-old artist is making a name for himself by placing random objects on his face. The series of photographs is meant to resemble artists that have inspired Monteiro. Entitled “Autorretrato Sensorial”, Monteiro has covered his head in everything from an octopus to cigarettes to create these unusual self-portraits.

Monteiro Face art
[Photo credit: Caters News]

The artist explains that he chooses objects that demonstrate humans’ reliance on the five senses: hear, smell, see, taste, and touch.

“The photos have a wide range of sensations, from joy to repulsion, but one thing that makes me happy is that this work enchants all ages,” Monteiro says.

“The impulse emerged from a sensory mask made by a Brazilian plastic artist Lygia Clark in the 1960s. Inspired by this I have done self-transformations instead of using the others body as Clark did.”

Monteiro Face Art
[Photo credit: Caters News]

For his next upcoming show, Monteiro says he may do a series of masks that focus on local Chinese culture.

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