The Most Boring Viral Video Deserves To Be Watched (Watch It, Seriously)


This video has dubbed itself the most boring viral video in the world. No cute kitties (or puppies), no cute babies, no silly people playing pranks, no celebrities doing crazy things.

We triple-dog-dare you to watch it for more than 30 seconds.

Yes, you need to watch it. Why? For very, very good reasons.

This video was created by the good people over at the Arrels Foundation of Barcelona, Spain. They’ve been around since 1987 and are dedicated to seeing homeless people off the streets and back on their feet by offering them housing, meals, social attention and health care.

Of course, all this work entails time, effort, and a lot of money. that’s where this one-minute-forty-two-second video comes in.


How does watching this video turn into charity? Simple:the ad itself is tagged with important keywords that jive with those of big advertisers: “money”, “family”,”luxury”, “joy”, and so on — the very same things that homeless people lose. For every view this video gets, the advertisers around the video end up sending money over to the Arrels Foundation. It’s a brilliant method of contributing to charity, only at the cost of a minute and a half of your time and just a few clicks!

What’s rather odd to note, though, is that the video itself doesn’t have ads around it. Even without your AdBlocker on. Is Youtube protecting its advertisers from losing their money on clicks? Hmm, very sly, Youtube.

So please, let’s give the Arrels Foundation all the help they can get. Feel free to share this video with your friends. The more views this video gets, the better chances the homeless have on getting a life back on their feet again.

Watch the video here:

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