New Law Says No Headphones In Ears, But What About Other Places? [Video]

Headphones in nose
[Photo credit: RocketNews]

As of June 1, bicyclists in Japan are facing new laws that restrict their riding. The laws are meant to reduce accidents and keep riders safe, but one rule has cyclists thinking outside the box. One traffic law is prohibiting riding with headphones on. Of course, riders immediately began to think of ways to get around the rule.

What about riding with just one earbud in? Yes, but the other dangling earpiece poses a big danger. For example, it could get tangled in your bicycle spokes.

One clever writer for RocketNews came up with idea. If it is illegal to have earbuds in your ears, what about your nostrils? So, he decided to experiment. First, he shoved his earbuds firmly up his nose. Noting the rumor that your nose can also produce audible sound and even turns your mouth into your speaker.

Headphones In Nose
[Photo credit: RocketNews]

But anyways, with earbuds firmly in his nose, he took off for the nearest police station. Once there, he asked the officers if this was illegal too. They replied that it wasn’t, but it was extremely weird.

Well, on top of looking like a complete weirdo, the writer admitted he couldn’t really hear anything anyways. Looking further into it, he saw that the rumor only works if you cover your ears, which kinda defeats the purpose.

Just in case you can’t imagine what he looked like riding around with headphones up his nose. Here ya go.

Either way, we are glad this didn’t work. Could you imagine all of the bicyclists with headphones shoved up their noses?

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