This “Unfolding” House Can Be Fully Built in Only Six Hours Time

For those out of the millennial loop, the ‘tiny house’ is the new trend (that has been climbing in popularity steadily over last decade or so,  so it is not exactly new, actually) that it is finally gaining more attention for its practicality.

A ‘tiny house’ is just like a regular house except more compact, cheaper, and a lot more reasonable to manage and maintain. And as you are about to see, a helluva lot quicker and easier to build, too.

If you want a ‘tiny house’ of your own (this particular model is called a MADI flat pack unfolding house) you only need about six hours or so, from start to finish, which is pretty damn impressive:

Now granted, you will not be moving a family of three in there, but for many young couples who do not want kids, this is the new go-to option (and still have money left to buy hipster, craft-beer, fancy oils for their beards, AND still being able to afford organic produce).

All kidding aside, the end result is actually pretty impressive, depending on which model you go with.

Plus, look how adorable it is! It is like a having a house made of 100% roof, designed and assembled by Pixar.




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