This British Comedian Tries Tinder As A Woman [Video]

Sy Thomas is a British comedian who became frustrated with his online dating success, so he let curiosity get the better of him and tried Tinder as a woman.

Sy Thomas is a British comedian who became frustrated with his online dating failures so he did what any of us would do, he tried Tinder as a woman. Thomas is from Buckinghamshire and he actually studied drama at Aberystwyth University, so I suppose that means he’s a classically trained actor. But even Sy wasn’t prepared for what would happen when he changed up his look and tried Tinder as a woman.

Thomas did this one the right way, while most guys that may be curious about the Tinder atmosphere from the female perspective would be tempted to just use one of our friends’ pictures, he actually transformed himself into a woman. And with a little bit of (like not much at all) investigation into his pictures, you can easily tell that there’s a guy under that wig!

After watching the video I feel a lot better about myself and a lot worse for all the women on that app. These guys weren’t throwing out their cheesy and creepy lines halfway through the conversation. They were opening with pretty lewd stuff. I don’t know if Sy was trying this in the middle of the night when his matches had been drinking or what their excuse is. But it certainly shows us the double standard in the online dating game. None of my matches are opening the conversations with sexual innuendos.

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