#OnTinderAtTinder Pits Tinder Pics vs Real Life


Tinder is one of the places where you’ll always want to look your best — but let’s face it, real life can actually be a whole lotta more fun. Proof? #OnTinderAtTinder.

Tinder profile pics are more often than not as photoshoot-ed, photoshopped, filtered, curated and strategically cropped as best each user can. We’re seldom aware that nope, Real-Life Potential Romantic Partner Person will not always come with artful Instagram filters, sunlight streaming through their hair with on-point eyebrow and eyeliner #wokeuplikedis.

So, a number of people started posting their Tinder profile pics vis-a-vis pictures of what they look like in real life.

It’s actually quite comforting.

No, really, because this gives you a better of idea what they’ll be life when they start getting comfy in the course of your together-ness. Like, what would this person look like makeup-less and a bit lost on what to do for brekkie after you’ve had an amazing night together? It’s super-cute.

At the very least, they’ll be someone you can be blargh with, and understand the deep-seated humanizing value of a cup of strong coffee in the morning.

Or that you’ll have to make peace with the fact that their cat will always be their #1 Baby, and that’s okay with you. Their cat is the bestest baby in the world, anyway.

Or what they’ll look like when they show up on your doorstep during the blizzard, because they’ll want nothing more than to spend this long, bleak period snuggling up all warm and cozy with you. (Aaaaw.)

“I want to grow old with you, if that means helping you readjust your dorky glasses on your cute dorky face for always.”

Aaaw, stop it, Real Life. You’re making us blush.

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