Things You Can’t Make Up: Buys Warrior Forum has announced that it has acquired Warrior Forum.

The acquisition price is not confirmed but some reports state the acquisition price was $3.2 million dollars.

According to the press release:

Founded in 1997 by Allen Says, Warrior Forum is the pre-eminent marketplace and community for Internet marketing professionals across the globe. Ranked by Alexa as the 225th most visited website in the world, the site also ranks in the top 150 websites in the United States and United Kingdom, and top 100 in Australia by traffic.

Yes, the site is from Australia. No deadly animals were involved.

Sadly Google’s Matt Cutts has yet to comment…but give it time.

For those who have never visited Warrior Forum before the tl;dr version is that’s a hot bed of SEO’s, be it a popular one.

As to why Freelancer purchased a SEO obsessed marketplace for an insanely stupid amount of money is not immediately clear. Despite reading their press release 3 times I still don’t get it, I mean surely 500k-1m may have been a reasonable number.

While it’s still free (or before you have to pay $2 an hour to view it) you can visit Warrior Forum here. 



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