These Professional Drug Testers In YouTube Do Drugs So You Don’t Have To [WATCH]

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Photo by YouTube/Drugslab

Here’s a trivia to wrap your head around, drugs and drug abuse are older than Jesus Christ. They date back thousands of years before Christ was even born. Suffice to say, people can and will be exposed to them, whether directly or not. If you do find yourself curious about drugs but do not want the chemical or legal repercussions, don’t worry, YouTube’s professional drug testers got you covered so you can avoid this:


That’s right, there are people who will test out recreational drug effects. They even have a YouTube channel called Drugslab and consists of Dutch people… thank goodness for the Netherlands.


Their aim is not to promote recreational drug use, but rather to promote responsibility in “using.” As such, they test out the effects of several drugs and give sober(?) viewers a peek into how it affects humans. Here’s one of their weed videos, make sure to turn on the closed captions (CC):

They also test out some of the harder drugs out there, such as cocaine, ecstasy, and valium to name a few. However, all their drug samples are monitored by the Dutch Ministry of Health. The “tests” are also done in a controlled environment but some of the drug episodes do tend to dangle precariously, like when one of them tested out the “rape drug”:

Note the part where the Nellie, one of the testers, tried to kiss her sober show partner thrice and they had to cut to another scene.

Of course, because of their content, they have drawn a lot of controversies, with some critics even pointing out that they are doing it for entertainment instead of research purposes. What do you think about them though? Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

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