These Kung-Fu Cats Are Dominating Twitter Right Now

Photo by Hirakata Hiroyuki

Now I know what you are thinking, kung-fu cats will probably be the end of our species. It has been scientifically proven, after all, the advent of a more superior species can cause the extinction of another. Cats knowing kung-fu means an easy enslavement of the human race.

Take a deep breath first because those are just cats caught in their Shaolin moments, thanks to a photographer.

Hirakata Hiroyuki is the name, and cats in their kung-fu poses is the game. And if you were hoping that these cats actually know kung-fu, then the human race condemns you, that is far too dangerous a prospect, think of the human casualties.

Here are some cats in their dangerous morning kung-fu routine, you do not want to forget these guys’ breakfasts:

Hiroyuki has been documenting his cats’ awesome agility for quite a while now. So much so, that a whole album of them on Twitter is available. So if you ever want to see some cats flowing like wataa! then there is no better place.

Now while some cats are full of tiger fury and ferocity, some are more graceful and even look like they are dancing. It does take some skill, and some high-speed photography equipment to be able to capture cats in these poses. Some even look as if they were doing a traditional Japanese ceremonial dance.

Now if you just can’t get enough of these Japanese cats and their kung-fu and dance routines, then Hiroyuki has made it easy.

According to the text above, the photographer is actually launching an album in the form of a book available on Amazon named ‘Techniques of Cat Fist Photography.’ The book goes on sale on August 16, with a free launch commemorating even to be held on August 4.

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