This Maine Coon Kitten Probably Looks More Human Than You Do

Photo by Catsvill County

Well, well, look what the cat dragged in– a human face. No, seriously, there is this cat online which was first spotted in Instagram and she totally has a human face. The cat–astrophic part is, this cute little feline is driving the internet insane with how human she looks like. Who would have thought Maine Coon cat breeds have a human side to them?

Photo by Wikipedia/Wikimaster97 and SecretMaster101

That is not her above, but a video from Instagram shared by a user named catsvillcounty captured the attention of the internet a few days ago. Russian user catsvillcounty posted a short clip of their Maine Coon kitten named Valkyrie whose face bears an uncanny resemblance to a human being’s. Check her out below.


So? What do you guys think? Cat with a human face? Or a human with a cat face? Unless someone’s been busy splicing together cat and human DNA, then natural genetics can be quite a weird phenomenon sometimes.

Photo by Catsvill County

If you actually look closer, she will start to look like Mike Myer’s version of

Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat,

Photo by YouTube/Loco M/W

or Jim Carrey’s The Grinch

Photo by YouTube/Movieclips

Of course, that makes her appearance all the more creepy. On a more extreme spectrum of likeness, she bears resemblance to Gremlins even, which makes her appearance more surreal.

Photo by Yotube/HattoriHanzo

It can be quite difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes Valkyrie look almost human. Those eyes definitely add up to the human features. Valkyrie’s owner, Catsvill County is actually a cat breeder and even has their own website. There you can find even more pictures of Valkyrie, take a look if you don’t mind having something stare the living abyss out of your soul.

Photo by Catsvill County

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