The Voice Behind 250 Of Your Very Favorite Cartoon Characters

Phil LaMarr is one insanely talented dude. Many of us got to know him through his work on the Fox sketch comedy show MAD TV, but when the show was cancelled we just assumed most of the show’s stars vanished, too (except for Key an Peele, of course. You cannot stifle THAT kind of magic) but come to find out, LaMarr has been far from gone, even though we are not seeing him, we have apprently been hearing him everywhere.

You see, Phil LaMarr is one of the most beloved voice actors in all the business right now, starring in everything from Samurai Jack to Futurama (and about 248 or so more characters and shows).  Truth is, once you see this video of just how many voices this man can do, you will be in awe. 20, 30 would be impressive.

250 is just mind-blowing:

The scariest part is, you know if you met him and even talked to him for a minute, he could probably do an on-the-spot impression of you that is so good it would confuse YOU.

Now that is some talent right there.


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