Player Pulls the Best Worst “Soccer Dive” We Have Seen In Years

A soccer dive, for those who may not know, is a well known move where a player will have the slightest (if any) foul against them and they will play it up like they were stabbed or shot. Soccer dives are always hugely entertaining because they are SO over-the-top, yet 90% of the people who pull soccer dives get away with them. It makes the sport kind of hilarious, to be honest. It’s like the players don’t even respect the sport they are playing by constantly pulling stuff like this.

Take the following soccer dive, for example. It is SO bad that in the slow-motion replay you can see NO ACTUAL PHYSICAL CONTACT is made, yet the man who falls to the ground basically acts like the other guy cut his Achilles. Worst part? He got the foul and they ended up winning the game because of this crappy but funny move. Damn you, Danny Welbeck and your elaborate acting skills!

You gotta see this sh*t for yourself:

Man, screw winning the game, that guy really should win an Oscar! He is clearly in the wrong field, literally.

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Remy Carreiro


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