The Tale Of The “Like” Button [Video]


Social media plays a huge role in our life. Selfies and statuses consume our days. Artist, Levni Yilmaz takes a tongue in cheek look at our obsession with getting those “likes.”

The video questions society’s obsession with being liked on social media. He says many feel the amount of positive feedback will help fill the void in their life. This narcissistic way of thinking is far too common these days. Most social media users can relate to the example. You post the a selfie or a picture of the meal you just cook, then you wait for likes and comments.

Yilmaz even breaks it down by what kinds of content a user posts. For example, users believe a like on a selfie means people think you look good or can pull off a certain look. A like on a shared news story means people think you are educated and know what is going on in the world around you.

Yilmaz has other videos that talk about other aspects of life. All of the videos feature his unique hand drawn style and low, depressed narration.

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